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The NRA Freedom Action Foundation's Trigger the Vote program is a national non-partisan voter registration effort to ensure gun owners across the country are registered to vote.

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TSA trashes 5-year-old’s Buzz Lightyear toy because it resembles a gun. Learn more: https://t.co/P4gXbw3i0W #2A #pjnet #tcot
Sunday Nov 29 - 4:30pm

San Francisco continues its path toward “thousands of new measures” to restrict gun ownership. Learn more: https://t.co/zzPwjRihNK #pjnet
Saturday Nov 28 - 11:00pm

After the terror attacks in Paris, the VPC wants to ban the sale of “assault weapons” to law-abiding citizens. https://t.co/ilU5i7sMCx #2A
Saturday Nov 28 - 4:30pm


Questions or comments? Let us know how we can help. Then take a minute and tell us why the Second Amendment is important to you? Why should gun owners register to vote? Send us your story.