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The NRA Freedom Action Foundation's Trigger the Vote program is a national non-partisan voter registration effort to ensure gun owners across the country are registered to vote.

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One Million United educates & encourages women to protect themselves and their #SecondAmendment Rights. Read more: http://t.co/qvNNoPd0n2
Tuesday Sep 2 - 5:00pm

Hey #NewHampshire! Today is your last day to register to vote for the primary! Take action now! http://t.co/LTngq2LXdZ
Tuesday Sep 2 - 4:39pm

Don’t miss out on viewing Chuck’s Top 10 Reasons to Vote. Sign up now! http://t.co/LTngq2LXdZ
Monday Sep 1 - 10:59pm


Questions or comments? Let us know how we can help. Then take a minute and tell us why the Second Amendment is important to you? Why should gun owners register to vote? Send us your story.